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Results & Activities

We expect to reach the following results, each corresponding to a project objective:


Raised awareness about quality in the ECEC sector and of the EU quality framework, how quality is linked to the professionalism of staff, and the capacity to create inclusive, digital, and green environments, where every child is welcomed and is accepted with his/her unique characteristics.

We aim to create more openness to adopt different approaches because of the evidence that certain practices work in different contexts, practitioners can be more stimulated to try something new.


This leads to striving and commitment to creating inclusive environments, therefore assuring inclusiveness when working with parents on the child’s learning, in the presence or online.


Produce a reliable and systematic assessment and data comparing processes, helping ECEC professionals and policymakers in measuring the impact of the training and learning activities with parents across 4 different countries and in giving account of the changes incurred.


More openness of ECEC settings to synergies with organisations active in different fields, such as university, training centres, trade unions, CSO, by sharing and comparing data, results’ impact and learning outcomes, thus acquiring the pulse on how each of them is able to support the ECEC sector and make parents aware of it.

Increased awareness of other local, national, and European stakeholders of the importance of adequate training of staff, how significant the collaboration with parents is, and how it impacts the holistic development of children.

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