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Training in Perugia

From May 30th to June 1st of this year, dedicated partners from Romania, Lithuania, Serbia, Italy, Portugal, and Lithuania convened in Perugia, Italy for an enriching international mentor training program. This event marked a significant milestone in the PATHWAYS project (Action by Education Professionals and Parents for a Holistic Approach to Early Childhood Education).

The partners emphasize the pivotal role of mentors in ensuring the sustained success of the project. It's worth noting that participants acquired invaluable insights into European quality and competency assessment frameworks. These frameworks cover three equally crucial facets for the holistic development of an individual from their earliest years:

  • Digitization (Digicomp)

  • Sustainability (Greencomp)

  • Common Core Competences (Lifecomp).

This training not only equips mentors with essential skills but also strengthens the foundation of the PATHWAYS initiative, fostering a brighter future for early childhood education.

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