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Meeting in Belgrade

Collaborative Project Meeting at Veljko Vlahovic Kindergarten, Temerin, Serbia

On February 9, 2023, partners from Lithuania, Serbia, Italy, and Romania convened at Veljko Vlahovic Kindergarten in Temerin, Serbia. Coimbra University representatives from Portugal participated in the meeting online.

FORMA.Azione introduced the project's overarching goals, activities, and target demographics. Subsequently, project stages were outlined by respective partners overseeing each work package. WP2 focuses on enhancing preschool teachers' expertise in inclusivity, digital, and environmental topics, all in close collaboration with parents. WP3 is centered on curating 30 practical learning activities to be tested in IT, LT, RO, RS during the 2023/2024 academic year. LESTU presented WP5, responsible for orchestrating the communication and dissemination plan, along with overseeing the project logo selection process.

The second day of the meeting in Belgrade was dedicated to financial discussions pertaining to the project.

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